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UNIQUEGIFTSAG is a small family manufacture We offer decent, hand-made soaps and candle. Good raw materials, good craftsmanship and hard work - this is our secret plan for success :) There are no sales deadlines, no plans to be done or projects to be completed. We don't have to make standards, lower quality, negotiate terms, fall asleep at meetings, manipulate labels and create a marketing illusion of a luxury product. Instead, we can: dream, invent, make mistakes, correct, pick the best solutions until we drop, argue loudly and correct what bothers us. We can work day after day, improving and developing at our own pace, and cooperate with wonderful people on our own, unfashionable conditions. We believe that it is possible to earn a living without rushing or fighting. That you can keep yourself and your family safe and be honest with your colleagues and clients at the same time. Every day we try to make our studio a place where you can take your breath. You will not find a hotline with a melody, cushions and small prints, poor quality products and governments of "increasing sales". We try to answer all questions, advise cordially and help in exceptional situations. We want our clients to feel safe and comfortable with us, knowing that they are in a place where simply good people meet.

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